Wissenschaftliches Programm / 6 Juli / Workshops 16:00 - 17:30

  • Language: English
  • Target: General - Min: 10 - Max: 14
  • Venue: -
  • Code: WS6_B

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Building Mindful and Compassionate Relationships


A lot of people have trouble with crucial human processes like caring for others, receiving care and especially with self-care. It’s hard for them to engage in relationships and they experiencefeelings of loneliness and isolation. Opening our heart to ourselves and others is extremely valuable and may even be a necessity for our physical and psychological wellbeing. Scientific research proves that Mindfulness and (Self)Compassion are keys to mental health. They enable us to build relationships with more awareness and depth. The main goal of the workshop is to introduce and let you experience the basic principles of Mindfulness and (Self)Compassion and its healing power on the relationship with yourself and others.


Karen Heijster

De Luisterlijn, The Nederlands