Programme Scientifique / 6 juillet / Workshops 11:00 - 12:30

  • Language: Italian and English
  • Target: General - Min: 10 - Max: 20
  • Venue: -
  • Code: WS5_Z

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BIOMUSICA: sound, music and game for well-being in relationships


Biomusica is a type of music-therapy.The main focus of the intervention is to think of the individual as being in constant evolution. Through the conscious use of voice, music, energetic exercises, playful activities and introspective experiences, Biomusica acts on three intimately connected areas: the body, the emotions and the bioenergetic part of the person. These are inseparable aspects in the construction of our well-being. The ideal situation for the meetings is in a group: Biomusica works to achieve integration between the participants through playful activities in a trustful and secure climate. In this workshop the participants can experience a practical Biomusica session. Comfortable clothing; no music knowledge required.



Biomusica trainer