Programme Scientifique / 6 juillet / Workshops 11:00 - 12:30

  • Language: English
  • Target: Volunteers, Trainers, Supervisors - Min: 10 - Max: 22
  • Venue: -
  • Code: WS5_B

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Reflection - Path for better quality


In-depth understanding of the process of talking with the caller and understanding yourself in him can help maintain the necessary distance, empathy and calmness of activity. Reflection makes it possible for us to recognize how and why we operate in a certain way. In this way, learning from experience goes into more detail, it is also more certain, planned and systematic. Consequently, it is easier to recognize the points of growth and build a sense of self-worth. We learn to think critically about our own thinking byself-reflecting and create a distance to our own interpretations. By doing so, we maintain quality contact with ourselves and seek help when we need it. Reflection is also a key-tool in supervising which changes the focus of the speech from the caller to the listener, his world of action, thinkingandemotions. Weinviteyoutojoinusandaskquestionsthatyoucan carry into conversation with the callers and get on the path to better qualityof professional work.


Julija Pelc

HERUKA, Julija Pelc, s.p., Ljubljana, Slovenia


Tatjana Verbnik Dobnikar

Gestalt psychotherapist EAGT, EAP, supervisor and lecturer