Ifotes triennial congress



Udine (Italy) 3-7 July 2019


Thanks to

all the participants, speakers, trainers, volunteers, professionals, interpreters, TES, institutions and sponsors that have contributed to making the XXI IFOTES congress in Udine an inspiring and successful event.

We believe that this type of experience increases awareness of emotional and social health and contributes to a more promising future.

Videos of the congress speeches are available here.


People need meaningful relationships to feel good. Feeling alone or isolated is closely linked to social pain. Nowadays people of all ages and from all walks of life suffer from loneliness.

Helplines offer emotional support in a fast and simple way and play a significant part in helping people to connect to others.

The Congress addressed different aspects of loneliness as well as possible ways for individuals and communities to deal with the condition.

The city of Udine is a laboratory for social connections and creativity, a place to inspire you and strengthen your commitment to the field of social health and well being.


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Mandi from Udine

Participants from all over the world were welcome to a place where people's well-being and quality of life and relationships are important values that are supported and promoted. Thanks for coming. Mandi!

Udine and Friuli Venezia Giulia


Udine is the capital of Friuli with its friendly squares, Tiepolo masterpieces and traditional osterias, where to drink a good glass of wine in company.
The series of old, brightly coloured, portico-lined piazzas between Piazza Libertà, "the most beautiful Venetian piazza on the mainland" and Piazza Matteotti (or Piazza delle Erbe) have all the atmosphere of an open-air sitting room, and are the very essence of the city.

Friuli Venezia Giulia

The region Friuli Venezia Giulia offers great surprises and the opportunity to enjoy the many wonders of this part of Italy, made of a well preserved natural environment and a rich cultural diversity.

The lovely countryside and authentic Friulian villages offer a choice of farmhouse accommodation and trattorias and a network of bicyclewalking and pony trekking routes.

Mandi is the new ciao

Everyone knows the Italian greeting "Ciao". In the Friulian language you say "Mandi".
The International Committee has already learned it. Would you like to learn it too? We look forward to welcome you in Udine. Mandi!

Where is Udine

Udine is one of the main cities of the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia (FVG), in the north-east part of Italy, on the border with Austria and Slovenia, about 100 Km NE of Venice and 75 Km W of Trieste.

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