Scientific Program / 5th July / Workshops 11:00 - 12:30

  • Language: English
  • Target: General - Min: 10 - Max: 16
  • Venue: -
  • Code: WS3_B

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The Inner Team – recognizing our “inner voices”   

Benedek BUZA

The model of “The Inner Team” refers to the babble of voices that we hear in our mind, some more frequently and persistently than others. Our mind does not necessarily speak to us in just one clear and congruent voice. Usually, there is a whole chorus of voices, in all kinds of pitches, melodies and sounds. These inner voices come from deep inside us, from our subconscious, our mind or our soul. A renowned German communication scientist and coach Friedemann Schulz von Thun created the method of“The Inner Team”. Since he introduced the tool to public in his book “MiteinanderReden: 3” in 1998 and in his lectures, it has claimed a lot of success and praise. Schulz von Thun developed the method of untangling the babble of inner voices and creating the dialog with “The Inner Team” in order to solve internal and external conflicts and to clarify difficult decisions.


Benedek Buza

Budapest ÉLET TES, Hungary