Scientific Program / 6th July / Workshops 11:00 - 12:30

  • Language: English, German, French, Italian
  • Target: General - Min: 10 - Max: 20
  • Venue: -
  • Code: WS5_W

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Creativity instead of loneliness in the language of love 


Creative and interactive workshop. We make small gifts from textiles and paper while we can feel how the power of creativity transform loneliness with filling our souls with energy. Without language, during the workshop we will communicate in the language of love, body, mimicry. During the workshop various techniques will be used to make heart-shaped gifts – stitching, drawing, textile work…A big mandala will be created together, symbolizing that we become from several places, but we can feel the power of togetherness. Creativity, the power of community could be experienced and open a new path in our lives. Participants of the workshop by experiencing this creativity personally, will be able to transform loneliness and use this energy as a “medicine” against loneliness in their lifetime and also mediate others. I am waiting for you to join us to create a unique workshop together!


Eva Barath

Magyar Lelki Elsősegély Telefonszolgálatok Szövetsége LESZ Hungary