Socio Cultural Program / 4th July / 18:00 - 23:00 Charming cities' tours

  • Guided tour in English and French and dinner in a typical restaurant
  • Code: EF_C4ER

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Charming Cities: Ragogna

In Ragogna, in the heart of Friuli, in the magnificent castle that dominates the valley from up high, you will find a place that is almost from another time, thrown into the most fascinating Middle Ages. The Scriptorium Foroiuliense – Italian Amanuensis School – gave life to the Opificium Librorum, a veritable living museum that includes paper makers, book binders, miniaturists and, of course, amanuenses. From the era of tablets where everything is technology-based, you will find yourselves immersed into an atmosphere with the scent of ancient times and where the lady of the house is the goose feather quill. The Scriptorium Foroiuliense has brought the ancient art of medieval scripture to extremely high levels. If you want to discover the ability to pen on parchment with elegant and fluttering characters, visit the Opificium Librorum where you will find all of the phases of creating books as occurred in the Middle Ages, from how the parchment was made, to the benches of the amanuenses, miniaturists and illustrators, to the book binder’s bench.


  • Guided tour  in English and French and dinner in a typical restaurant 
  • Transfer by bus
  • Depature from Udine h. 18.00
  • Time of return from Ragogna h. 22:15
  • Participants: min 40 / max 50