Socio Cultural Program / 5th July / 18:00 - 23:00 Charming cities' tours

  • Guided walking tour in German, and dinner in a typical restaurant 
  • Code: check on the German page

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Charming cities: Cividale Del Friuli

Founded by Giulio Cesare under the name of Forum Iulii – where the name Friuli comes from – in 568 BC, Cividale became seat of the first Lombard duchy in Italy and subsequently the residence of the patriarchs of Aquileia for several centuries.The city preserves remarkable Lombard evidence.This historic and artistic heritage was recognised by UNESCO in 2011, placing Cividale at the beginning of the Longobard route, an itinerary that allows the discovery of a series of outstanding treasures, even if they are not well known, right from the border with Friuli Venezia Giulia.


  • Guided walking tour in German and dinner in a typical restaurant 
  • Price: 47€
  • Transfer by bus
  • Departure from Udine h. 18.00
  • Time of return from Cividale h. 22:15
  • Min 40 / max 50 participants