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Exibition: Rooms of the souls

Telefonseelsorge (TES) in Bonn

All pictures and anonymous writings are painted and written within the „intuitiv painting group“ of volunteer counselors of Telefonseelsorge (TES) in Bonn.The motifs of the sixty-eight paintings are an expression of their own feelings and were not given them in advance.The very different contents and expressions of the pictures show that the TES is open and reachable for a wide range of emotions.But we clearly also see what they have in common. They reflect the feelings of „Telefonseelsorge“, in other words the "face" of TES.The pictures are grouped accordingly under seven topics which play a significant role within the TES service.The groupings of pictures are spaces or rooms for the expression of feelings, in short "rooms of the soul". Based on their inner context, they are connected like „stations of the cross“.